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Research partnership with the ANU

Democracy Developers is pleased to announce the recent signing of a comprehensive Research Services Agreement with the Australian National University (ANU) in June 2023. The agreement involves collaborating with ANU’s College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics on the innovative project, “Advanced paper-based auditing techniques in deployed military settings.” The project, led by VotingWorks, will be undertaken over an 18-month period.

Vanessa Teague is the lead ANU researcher for the project and an authority with extensive consultation experience in security, privacy, and election verification. Vanessa’s expertise will be vital to advancing the application of cryptographic protocols in designing and implementing transparent, verifiable voting systems tailored for controlled polling stations overseas. The project also aims to establish secure, efficient, and robust auditing systems in deployed military settings, thereby augmenting data integrity and security in these critical areas.

Democracy Developers is committed to this project, which aligns seamlessly with our goals of enhancing election integrity and strengthening democratic participation through open-source software. We are confident that this research project will herald advancements in the field, paving the way for more secure, transparent, and reliable voting systems globally.