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Annual Report 2023

Democracy Developers has had an extraordinary year, achieving exciting milestones that mark our trajectory towards empowering democracy globally. From significant advancements in our mobile app development to organisation restructuring and winning international contracts, each achievement has been a testament to our commitment and collaborative effort.

We are thrilled to announce that our mobile app, Ask Parliament, has reached the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage, a significant leap towards its public launch. The app is ready for closed-release testing in real-world scenarios, marking the transition from development to user experience refinement. While the app will evolve based on user feedback, reaching this stage is an important milestone.

This year, we welcomed our first employee and General Manager to the team, driving organisational restructuring and accelerating progress. Their invaluable contributions have brought our organisation new levels of structure and efficiency. Coupled with the insightful recommendations from our Board, we have been able to elevate our app, website, and broader organisational strategy.

We also celebrated an international achievement, securing a contract to integrate instant runoff voting into Colorado’s open-source Risk Limiting Audit (RLA) system. While Australia is yet to adopt RLAs, it is gratifying to see our democratic solutions find their application in the US, showcasing our potential for global impact.

Reflecting on our 2023 milestones, it is clear that collaboration is the cornerstone of our progress. This year’s accomplishments have reinforced our belief that we can make significant strides towards our vision of empowering democracy.