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Donation policy

Our goal is to make political participation accessible to everyone. We are driven by our values of engagement, openness, privacy, respectful freedom of speech, and inclusiveness. Most importantly, we support all forms of improved democratic participation that are inclusive of all Australians regardless of political alignment.

Our donation refund policy is in place to ensure that we do not compromise on our mission and values when it comes to raising income. We also have a very strict privacy policy and any data we collect during the donation process is handled sensitively, securely and with proper regard to privacy (please read our privacy policy).

1. We reserve the right, without qualification, to refuse/refund donations where there is a perceived: risk to our programs, staff, volunteers, integrity and reputation, financial position, or brand; and, conflict with our independence in pursuing our mission to support all Australians to engage and participate in democratic processes.

Donations can take the form of money but may also include the provision of goods or services for free (or in-kind).

We are a politically unaffiliated and non-partisan organisation with a commitment to transparency. We have voluntarily introduced a disclosure requirement similar to those that apply to political donations made in Australia.

2. The names of individuals or organisations either in Australia or overseas who make a donation or multiple donations within a financial year with a combined value of over $10,000 will be published in our Annual Report. Our Annual Reports are available publicly on our website.

Please feel free to contact us by email at if you have any questions or concerns about our policies.

We are predominately a volunteer organisation. In our effort to bring our services up to the highest standards, we welcome and encourage your input from the public. Please contact us using our email address.

Please CONTACT US for details if you wish to donate by bank transfer.