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Unveiling the future of digital rights

As the year came to a close, the Centre for Responsible Technology held its final Burning Platforms event of 2022, providing an opportunity to reflect on the impacts of advancements and challenges in the digital landscape. This event served as a vibrant forum for in-depth discussions and thoughtful analyses on crucial topics, including digital rights and the responsible use of technology.

Founded as an initiative of The Australia Institute, a leading Australian public policy think tank, the Centre for Responsible Technology advocates for designing and implementing digital platforms that resonate with core Australian values – fairness, egalitarianism, and democracy. Aligning with the values upheld by Democracy Developers, the Centre promotes responsible technology practices, emphasising public education and enabling individuals to control their digital lives effectively.

Chair of Democracy Developers, A/Prof Vanessa Teague, joined an impressive lineup of fellow panelists including Lizzie O’Shea, Chair of Digital Rights Watch, Dan Stinton, Managing Director of Guardian Australia, and Peter Lewis, Director of The Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology. This panel provided insights and forward-looking perspectives on the digital landscape, from advocating for democratic digital platform reform to championing workers’ rights and privacy.

Vanessa brought insightful contributions to the event, reflecting on the lessons learned in 2022 and the need for a balanced relationship between individuals, communities, and technology. The discussions, which emphasised transparency and honesty in collecting and using personal data, highlighted the critical role that events like Burning Platforms play in maintaining an open dialogue about digital rights.

“The event reminds us of the need to work towards a future where technology not only enhances our lives but also respects our rights and values”, says Vanessa. “Above all, let’s never lose sight of the human element at the heart of the digital lives and ensuring our digital future aligns with our democratic values.”