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Code of conduct

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Code of conduct

Last updated: 21 February 2023


Democracy demands civil exchange of differing views.


Behaviour that is encouraged

We encourage real questions:

  • Ask for information especially when you think nobody else has noticed that the information isn’t available.

  • Ask for explanations of decisions, policies or outcomes, especially if you disagree with them.

  • Be specific – specific questions are much harder to evade.


Questions that may be removed

  • Harassment: Aggression against a specific individual or group.

  • Threatening violence.

  • Encouraging harm: Encourage of self-harm or harm to others.

  • Hate: Attacks or threats against an individual or group because of their protected attributes or anything else about the person rather than the political issue.

  • Spam: Malicious links, fake engagement, or advertisements.

  • Personal information: Sharing other people’s private information without their consent.

  • Defamation: Accusations or other defamatory statements.

  • Impersonation: Claiming to be someone they’re not.

  • Illegal: Copyright violation, promotion of criminal activities, money scams etc.

  • Not a question.


Accounts that may be suspended

Accounts that post questions in any of the above categories may be suspended. Also accounts in the following categories.

  • Sockpuppet accounts: A sockpuppet account is an additional account set up to evade suspension, inflate influence (e.g. by having multiple up- or down-votes on one question), or for other forms of bad behavior. This does not include multiple accounts set up for multiple roles, e.g. a personal account and a professional account.

  • Accounts that claim to be someone they’re not: Pseudonyms or non-names are fine, but using someone else’s name is not.

  • Accounts with a name that violates any of our rules for questions.

There is no guarantee that suspended accounts will be reinstated.

We are still learning about how people use Ask Parliament. These rules may change as we improve our understanding.

If you disagree with the code of conduct, you may still read Ask Parliament questions freely. To participate actively (including writing questions), you will need to select “Agree” in the App.