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Ask Parliament sign up prototype

Thank you for agreeing to test the Ask Parliament app!

Before you can use any app, you need to sign up. So this is where we want you to start.

Our test site is not a full app, it’s a web-based prototype. So it won’t have all the fancy data and formatting abilities an app does.

Given these limits, we ask that you provide some feedback that focuses on your interaction experience.

Some examples of what to look out for:

  1. User interface: is the app visually appealing? How does the layout, design, and overall flow affect your interaction?
  2. User experience: is the app intuitive and user-friendly? Are the instructions and prompts clear and understandable? How easy or difficult is it to complete a tasks or understand what’s going on or the purpose of what is being requested? Did you find it difficult when you first started using the app or needed more time than expected to understand what was happening? 
  3. Navigation: is the flow from one section of the app to another seamless? Are there any points in the app where you feel lost or need help with what to do next?
  4. Functionality: are the features enhancing or hindering your interactions?

Now, follow this link to the test sign up site. You can interact with the app either in your PC browser or your mobile phone browser. Mobile would be the best as it will closely resemble the final app.

Please turn off dark mode if you are using your mobile.



When you have finished testing, return to this page and click the following link.